Clear Bra

Premier Clear Bra Services for Residents of Colorado

Your car is one of the biggest investments you make, and you want to treat it right. The new and gorgeous, showroom finish of your car is at risk the moment you drive off the lot, So how do you keep the paint looking great for years to come?

Clear Bra or Paint protection Film is the most effective way to protect your car’s paint finish from hazards of normal day to day driving.

The film we use minimizes rock chips, bug damage, abrasion, and weathering to preserve the finish of your vehicles paint. The clear-coated urethane film also contains UV inhibitors, maintaining a virtually invisible guard that resists yellowing as it ages.

Clear Bra is a flexible, Urethane based, clear plastic coating that adheres to the painted surfaces of your vehicle. Clear bra is designed to protect your vehicle from paint chips, dings, scratches, rusting and pitting. Clear bra will keep the original paint protected without compromising the look of your car.

Paint protection film can be applied to any part of the vehicle’s painted surface such as bumpers, mirrors, trunk ledges, wheel arcs, and whole 

hoods. We can cover your vehicle in full or partial panels. We also wrap the edges where possible, providing 

better protection and less visibility of the clear mask. Our aim is to provide more coverage with fewer seams.