We offer mobile window tinting to all customers in the Denver Metro Area. This includes Boulder, Northglenn, Thornton, Broomfield, Arvada, Wheatridge, Lakewood, Littleton, Westminster, Aurora, Denver, and Castlerock. In order to get the best installation possible, we do require a garage large enough to fit the vehicle inside with at least 3.5 feet of open space around the vehicle. We will also need access to an active power outlet at least 75’ from the vehicle. We offer mobile service year around so inquire about it today.

Window tint installation varies from car to car and from film type to film type. The average window tint installation jobs usually take about 3 hours from start to finish. At Express Mobile Window Tinting we believe in providing our customers with the best installations in the industry. That means that we take great care in making sure our installations exceed customer expectations. The Flex Films products we use are of the highest quality, they are thicker and more durable than many of the other window films on the market today. While our install times may be a little longer than some of our competition our customers know that we are taking great care in getting your Mobile window tinting installation as close to perfect as possible.

Average cure times for window film depend on a few different things such as heat, film type, and time of year. We tell our customers that window film on average takes between 2-4 weeks to dry fully. In the beautiful summer months our film should be fully cured by week 3. In the winter months however that cure time can grow to 4 weeks. The warmer the weather and the more the film is exposed to heat the faster it will cure.

We ask and advise our customers to wait at least 48 hours to roll down their windows in the summer months. We ask for 72 Hours in the colder winter months. This time frame allows the film to dry initially and will prevent lifting and damage to films edges and corners.

Flex Films, our exclusive window tint supplier, advises our customers to use only Ammonia FREE window cleaner to clean the tint. You should avoid using products like Windex, Bleach, newspapers or vinegar. We recommend a tint safe towel (soft microfiber) and a spray bottle of dish soap and water to clean the windows.
Remember to let the film cure for at least 2 weeks before cleaning the inside of your windows.

All of the window film we use comes with a manufacturer backed Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty will cover the film in the event of Bubbling, Pealing, Fading or de-lamination until ownership of the vehicle is transferred. The warranty will not cover Customer related damage such as scratching, chipping, or tearing.

Window Tint is easy to remove, the process is very simple and removal times will vary based on the condition of the film and the window we are removing it from. If your tint is purple and bubbling, the removal process will take several hours. The side windows are fairly easy to remove and clean. The most difficult and time consuming window to remove tint from is the rear window due to a defroster on the inside of the glass.  If you’re not careful, it can be damaged. In order to remove it without doing any damage we must use a steamer to remove the film and then hand scrub the adhesive off with an S.O.S. pad. The removal process can range from 2-4 hours depending on difficulty.

Window tint will always be installed on the inside of the window. We install on the inside of the glass to protect the film from the elements. Installers at Express Mobile will shape and heat shrink the tint on the outside of the vehicle before installing it on the inside. We do this so the tint can form to the shape of the Window. Every car window will have some degree of curve or bow to it and the tint needs to take the same shape to ensure a clean and correct installation.

Absolutely it can, in fact, the window film we offer at Express Mobile will block 99.9% of all UV rays from entering your vehicle. UV rays are the culprits in causing your interior to fade and crack. Window Tint will stop those rays at the glass protecting not only the interior of your car but also your skin and eyes.

Absolutely it can, in fact, the window film we offer at Express Mobile will block 99.9% of all UV rays from entering your vehicle. UV rays are the culprits in causing your interior to fade and crack. Window Tint will stop those rays at the glass protecting not only the interior of your car but also your skin and eyes.

Absolutely it can, in fact, the window film we offer at Express Mobile can block up to 66% of the total solar energy. This can drastically cut down on the heat inside your vehicle saving you and your passengers from hot seats and seat belt burns. The Film does this by blocking, rejecting and absorbing the aggressive heat and light from the sun.

Clear Bra is a flexible, polymer based, clear plastic coating that adheres to the painted surfaces of your vehicle. Clear bra is designed to protect your vehicle from paint chips, dings, scratches, rusting and pitting. Clear bra will keep the original paint protected without compromising the look of your car.

Clear bra is designed to absorb, dissipate and reflect different types of road debris, from rocks and stones to screws and nails. Clear Bra or PPF (paint protection film) is made of of multiple layers and is usually between 6-8 millimeters thick. This makes it tough but also allows for a lot of flexibility. One of the multiple layers of clear bra is the energy absorbing layer that will soften the impact of stone and rocks on the paint. Its perfect for Colorado winters and even days at the race track. Clear bra is designed to install clear so after the install you should not be able to tell there is clear bra on your car.

If properly cared for, Clear Bra can last for the lifetime of the vehicle. With proper care, Clear Bra will look perfect for the life of the car. When caring for the Clear Bra, it is important to always keep it clean and remember to never wax the film.We recommend using quality car wash soap and avoiding harsh or abrasive  chemicals. We advise our customers to wash their vehicles every 3-4 weeks especially in the winter when roads are covered in dirt and mag-chloride.

Clear bra will turn yellow and crack from a few different reasons. First, if an older or low cost product has been installed on the vehicle. Express Mobile uses only the top quality clear bra and has full warranties on every install. The most common way clear bra will turn yellow and crack is from improper care and maintenance. If you wax the clear bra it will cause it to fade and crack; however it will take 4 years or more to turn yellow but it will turn yellow over time.

We recommend covering most of the painted surfaces on your vehicle. The most common areas that receive damage are Hoods, Fenders, Mirrors, A-pillars, Headlights, Front Bumpers, and top of the Rear Bumper. You may also want to consider protecting the rockers and behind the rear wheel;  these areas get a lot of contact from dirt and rocks on the road.

Vinyl is a playable, flexible decal or sticker that will adhere to any flat painted surface. It can be used to cover old faded paint, add style to a vehicle wall or floor, or advertise your business.

We offer many different brands, from 3m to Avery Dension. We can also install some film and decals purchased on the internet.

Vinyl wrap comes in a variety of colors and designs. From carbon fiber to matte black and everything in between. Check out some of the shade shift vinyl wraps to get something really special and unique.

If properly maintained and cared for, Vinyl Wrap has a lifespan of between 4-7 years. This greatly depends on how well it is taken care of.

Caring for vinyl is pretty easy and simple, Keep it clean. Thats our best advise for our customers, it also helps to park the vehicle indoors whenever possible.