Window Tint

If your vehicle is in need of Window Tint then Express Mobile Window Tinting is the only place to call. We use only the highest quality window film available on the market. Our installers are well trained with years of experience installing tint on various makes and models. We can use a state-of-the-art computer to cut our window tint to match your windows perfectly, or for a more custom cut, we can cut the film by hand. These two methods ensure a perfect and seamless installation for our customers. Lastly, because of our commitment to excellence, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our installations. Our tint manufacturers also offer us a lifetime warranty against any peeling, bubbling, fading, and delaminating. This means if your tint ever fades, bubbles, or delaminates, we will replace it free of charge.

To find out what the UV damage is for each day click here on UV index to be best protect you and your family each day.

At Express Mobile we have perfected the art and technique of installing film on a back window in one full piece. This eliminates the hideous white line you see on poorly tinted cars. Our installation team is learning and training, trying to make our great installs even better. We constantly strive to be the best in the business. We exclusively use Tera Flex by Flex Films for our entry level automotive window tint. Its nano carbon make up allows for solid heat, and UV rejection. We also carry Pana Flex by Flex Films. This hybrid Ceramic films allows for awesome heat rejection. Read down the page to learn more about what these two films can do to enhance your vehicle.  We have a remarkable heat demonstration at our shop that shows the difference between these two films. Give us a call to learn more.

There are a few things that you should know about window tinting as well. For instance, not all window tints are the same. Some films are not made to last while others offer very little in the way of heat rejection and UV reduction. We encourage you to come in and see the difference between all types of window tint for yourself.

The window tint installation process takes about three hours, depending on the tint you choose. We clean every possible area preventing any dirt or debris that may end up in the window tint. We also protect the door panels so there will be no soapy residue left when the job is complete. If caring for your car and the quality of your tint is important to you then head over to Express Mobile, where you will receive first class treatment and wonderful customer service.

Not all window films are created equal. Panaflex™ is the next evolution in ceramic window film technology. Leaps and bounds more powerful than technologies that have existed in the industry for over forty years, Panaflex™ has the unique ability to block out more of the solar spectrum than other technologies. Panaflex™ boasts up to 80% broad-spectrum infrared radiation (IR) rejection and 99.9% ultraviolet (UV) protection. By blocking out both infrared radiation and ultraviolet energy and greatly reducing heat, Panaflex™ has the power to make a difference you will actually feel.

Manufactured in multiple layers, Panaflex™’s magic comes from the nano particles found in the laminate adhesive and hard coat layers. These nano particles give the film a boost to performance, allowing the film to block up to 80% infrared radiation (IR) and 99% ultraviolet (UV) energy, as well as giving the film its shade and beautiful look. The laminate adhesive layer contains double the glue compared to most other window films, which means a longer lasting product, while the the hard coat is strong and durable.

If you are concerned about fading, Terraflex™ is the product for you. Terraflex™ is a true carbon window film that is designed to not fade or change colors, unlike dyed window film. With its high infrared radiation (IR) rejection and ultraviolet (UV) protection, you will notice a substantial decrease in the heat that transmits into your vehicle. Terraflex™ boasts 99.9% ultraviolet (UV) protection and up to 60% infrared radiation (IR) rejection. Best of all, Terraflex™ is manufactured with zero dye. No fade. No color change.

Terraflex™ is our carbon line of window film. Terraflex™ contains nano particles that gives the window film a boost in performance. The nano particles are found in the laminate adhesive layer and allows the film to block up to 60% of infrared radiation (IR) and 99% ultraviolet (UV) energy. The laminate adhesive layer contains double the glue compared to most other window films, which means a longer lasting product, while the hard coat is strong and durable.